Writing the Hero(ine)’s Journey

Carl Jung Center
Houston, TX
Mondays from 5:45 – 7:15 PM

Part I is Feb. 1 – Feb. 22, 2016

Part II is Feb. 29 – March 21, 2016

Delve into your psyche and discover the six archetypes that reside within. Using Carol Pearson’s book The Hero Within, we will journey within and write about our quest for transformation and authenticity. Join like-minded people in the safety of the writing circle as we journal our way among the Orphan, Wanderer, Warrior, Altruist, Innocent, and Magician. Discover the treasure of your true self. Although sharing is encouraged, it is never a requirement.


OWL Writing Circle

Lone Star College – North Harris,
Houston, TX
Wednesdays, from 10:30 – 12 Noon
Feb. 3 – April 27, 2016

Older Women’s Women’s Legacy (OWL) writing circle is a course designed to help women recall and write stories from theri lives. Writing prompts are given to particpants each week, and while sharing is encouraged, it is never required. Topics include everything from favorite family stories to the choices we make that shape our lives.


Memoir: Writing from Life

Writefest at Writespace, Houston, TX
Monday through Thursday,
Feb. 22 – Feb. 25, 2016, from 9:00 – 12 Noon

Writing from life is a powerful way to share rites of passage, heal past transgressions, celebrate life choices, demystify the complexities of life, and make insightful connections. There are many stories to be told from a person’s life, each distinctively unique but reflective of the collective human spirit in its life journey. Flannery O’Connor said anyone who survives childhood has enough material to write for the rest of his or her life. Whether you want to write an essay for National Public Radio, give your spouse the story of your courtship for your anniversary, write an op-ed piece for The Huffington Post, or compose a chapter for a full-length memoir, this workshop is for you. During this 4-day workshop, we will examine, discuss, and practice the captivating ingredients of memoir: turning points, struggle, defining moments, and transformation, as well as the creative techniques that give memoir its story-like richness. We will use the workshopping time to support and analyze the inventive sparks of imagination and the elements of craft, not to criticize and tear down each other’s writing gifts. The number of stories workshopped per day will depend on the size of the group, but if time permits, we will listen to more than one per participant, so there may be opportunity for each student to present multiple pieces. The goal of this workshop is to encourage and inspire participants to pitch their creative nonfiction pieces to literary journals and magazines. The “Weekend Special” will be the Thursday Night Alumni Showcase Reading, where participants have the opportunity to show off their skills by sharing their work. While you are not required to read your work, participation is encouraged.


The Afternoon of Life: An Expressive Arts Workshop

Carl Jung Center,
Houston, TX
Saturday, March 19, 2016, from 1:00 – 4:00 PM

Reflect on what it means to move from middle age into what Jung calls “the afternoon of life.” We do not have a roadmap for this journey, but the truth is, we have specific tasks as we enter our elder years (60-90+ years of age). Through writing prompts, sand tray, movement exercises, and other expressive arts, we will search for and give voice to the elders, sages, and wise ones within by accessing the creativity that shows us how to serve as guardians of the mystery and keepers of the heritage of our cultures.

This workshop is being co-presented with novelist and creative guru Karleen Koen.