Re-framing my life story

I attended an amazing LifeLines Retreat last weekend, sponsored by Story Circle Network. We met in the Texas Hill Country in historic Fredericksburg. The retreat was facilitated by Jeanne Guy, an extraordinary woman, who gave the participants permission to dig deeply and become vulnerable because she modeled that openness for us.

Jeanne is a reflective-writing coach who is absolutely masterful at creating a safe place for people to look at the story they’re telling themselves and “re-story” it… that is, reframe the way they see themselves so they can live more authentically. You may think that’s too new age-y for your blood, but I can assure you, it is not.

For me, the weekend was about being honest about the life I want as a creative person. I will admit to you, being honest meant finding the courage to face facts: my roadblocks are built by my own doing. Period. I felt guilty to admit that I put myself last on my list… that I do not take care of myself and as a result, I have some rather serious health issues that are sucking the life from me. It’s humiliating to publicly make such an admission, but the good news is that I can change the direction of this tragic self-sabotaging story.

And I am.

The weekend was life changing. I faced the barriers that throw up roadblocks to my writing.  I met an astounding group of like-minded, courageous women from Ohio, Texas, and states in-between. We shared deeply about the pain of being drained dry, stuck, frustrated, and fearful. We left with renewed energy and the confidence live our creative lives fully… with more joie de vivre and less fear.

Deeply listening with my heart’s ear to other women gave me the willingness to dig deeply into my own story and change its trajectory.  I no longer trapped by my past “bad” choices. I have created a turning point in my story, and I’m headed in a joyful, intentional,  life-affirming direction.

Thank you, Jeanne. And thank you, Marsha, Trish, Linda (both of you), Veronica, Jenn, Laurie, Ann, Hope, Suzanne, Allison… You are truly Wonder(ful) Women.