Keeping it real

When we write fast–ahead of or internal critic–we write from the heart. The writing is raw but also real. Such writing releases the secrets we keep hidden within ourselves… the hurt, the anger, the shame. We open wounds so we can heal, not just scab over.

Writing from the heart takes courage, but it yields so much. We’re able to reflect and make sense of our past experiences. Once we’ve written what is real from our past, we can take a step back and find understanding and perhaps forgiveness, or at least self-forgiveness.

The good news is that we’ve lived through the trauma of childhood (and trust me, there is trauma in anyone’s childhood). Keeping our childhood shame locked inside holds us hostage. Expressive writing gives us freedom. We no longer see ourselves as foolish or fool-hardy. We have self-knowledge, self-awareness, and self-acceptance.

I have been writing from my heart since 1992.   Now, I want to master a writing practice that builds muscle. I want to write from sinew–deep hardened muscles that know the territory, the tone, the language, and the ebb and flow of pacing the narrative arc. I want to harvest the lessons from my life to leave for my unborn grandchildren so that when they face trauma or shame or heartbreak, they’ll know I had similar experiences and survived them. Yes, life can be hard. But it is also worthwhile and exquisite. Write through the darkness; hope awaits with the dawn.