Writing for Self Discovery

What life experiences have shaped us? Who has influenced our development from girlhood to womanhood? Why are we where we are today? Where do we go from here?

These are the questions women often ask in order to discover the stories that define our places in the world. They are the questions I will ask participants in a class that begins in four days at the Jung Center, located at 5200 Montrose Blvd. near the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. We’ll explore our reactions and responses to life events, analyze our relationships to uncover the deeper meaning they have given our lives–and much more.

Nine people have enrolled already. That leaves 3 seats… Would you like one? Tick-tock.

Classes are from 5:15 – 7:15 on Thursday evenings for 5 weeks (Feb. 2 – March 2.) As facilitator, I’ll give you writing prompts to delve into your psyche to discover the real you. The power of telling your story to people who listen with their heart’s ear is astoundingly powerful, but sharing is a choice, never a requirement. Honest to goddess.