Winter weather report

Baby, it’s c-c-cold outside. This past week had temperatures dip into the (gasp) 20s.

Of course, this is nothing compared to the states north of the Mason-Dixie Line where folks are trying to dig out of four and six feet of snow in sub-freezing weather (Minnesota was at -7, not counting the wind chill). Yikes! But then again, that’s why we live in the South – to avoid cold winters.

Good thing about Texas: wait a week and the weather will change. Today, we woke up to 20 degrees, but tomorrow the temps start climbing again. Low on Monday is predicted at 40 degrees; Tuesday, 58; Wednesday, 62; Thursday, 66; and Friday will be 68. Highs for each of those days will be in the 70s. Don’t put up your winter coat, though, because temps will slide again next Saturday.

Yep, weather in Texas is a roller coaster ride. Our weather folks are our local heroes because they tell us (and we listen) if we’re going to have a 30- or 40-degree difference between sunup and sundown. Trust me, it happens more often than you think.

We’ve had to bring in the dogs from the cold this past week. With three, it’s been a challenge. Lucy is the oldest and the most well-mannered. The boys, Riley and Jackson, are typical males wanting to mark their territory, but Ronnie is the alpha dog in this house and tries his best to keep them from doing that. They want to sleep with the alpha dog, but that’s my job and I don’t share. So, they have to settle for the mud room. Ronnie put an old sofa in there for them, and they pile atop each other like puppies.

We keep saying we’re going to clean out the shed in the backyard and fix it up for them, but then the temperatures rise again and we put it off. Truth is, these dogs are outside critters – they love roughhousing with each other, running under the house, walking the perimeters of the property to guard against the neighbor’s cats and barking at passing vehicles.  They come inside when Ronnie calls them – I think they’re curious about where he spends his time – but they are quicker than bullets to get back outside when he opens the back door.

This afternoon, they’ll be lolling in the backyard soaking in the sunshine.  Since it won’t freeze tonight, they can stay out.  The moon is waxing – they’ll love nature’s nightlight.

But next weekend? We’ll watch our hero Shel Winkley on KBTX-TV for his weather report and make our plans accordingly.

Lucy Riley Jackson