Happy 2017

Happy New Year! I had another birthday yesterday, and as I face 2017, I ask myself a question: what makes me happy?

Easy answer today.

Sunshine on a cold day. Autumn energies me. I love the way the colors of nature brighten before the leaves drop to the ground. I love the crisp air, the lack of wet humidity that slugs me in the summer. Woodsmoke perfumes the air. I take my book and a mug of brewed coffee out on the porch. I read and watch my neighbors drive by, and I find happiness in the slow but sure pace of small town Navasota.

Happiness is listening to the preacher speak of a merciful and loving God. I sing off key but no one notices except my sweetie because of the strong melodious voices that surround me in the First Presbyterian Church. Ronnie drapes an arm around me and just smiles.

Happiness is riding a motorcycle with my man through the backroads of the Brazos Valley. Smelling the pungent scents of the countryside… the farms, the winter crops, the animals. Feeling the rise and drop of temperature. Feeling the muscles of my man’s shoulders.

I had another birthday yesterday. I’m slipping into the “late afternoon of life,” a new phase for me, a new adventure with new possibilities. I am finding that I am happy when I live in the tender awareness of the present and embrace the splendor of this life of mine. God is good.

Blessings to all.