rlduck-haircutMy sweetie has worn his hair biker long for most of his adult years–except for a brief time when he shaved his head, going completely bald, in protest of his mother’s nagging for him to get a haircut. I’ve seen pictures, and trust  me, you don’t wanna. Knowing this extreme response to nagging, however, made me very, very cautious about even suggesting he get his locks trimmed.

Instead, manipulator that I can be, I’ve been pointing out the short haircuts that are worn so well by the likes of Anderson Cooper, Ben Affleck, and Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s taken a while, but last weekend Ronnie accompanied me to my hair stylist and told her to cut off his hair.

“How short?” she asked.

“Just a tad longer than a buzz,” he answered, and he pulled up a photo on his iPhone of George Clooney. “Like his, except shorter on top.”

I’ll admit it. I was nervous. I’d only wanted it off his shoulders and out of his eyes. Was he going to look like a freshman Aggie in the Corps of Cadets?

He looks ten years younger. Sharp and clean-cut. A much better look on him than that of an aging hippie or bad-ass biker who’d lost his bite.

Oh, be still my pounding heart. I’m falling for this man all over again.