What’s your story?

my storyWe create the narrative of our lives by the stories we tell (or keep secret). They are created through the influence of others we meet in life, the adversities we survived, and the adventures we embarked upon (or refused.)

I have an invitation for you:  Explore the twists and turns of your emotional, intellectual and spiritual journey, and write the personal stories of your life, both told and untold.

Beginning on Thursday evening (September 8), from 5:45-7:15, I will be leading a women’s writing workshop at the Jung Educational Center, 5200 Montrose Blvd., Houston 77002. You can enroll in 4 weeks or 8 weeks. I recommend you enroll in the first 4 weeks and if you feel you got your money’s worth, enroll in the second session. (That’s how confident I am you’ll be satisfied.)

We all have stories to tell and by Telling Our Amazing Stories Together, we each make TOAST. There is no grammar test or grade for punctuation. Our stories are unpretentious—we simply remember stories that have given shape to our lives and if we choose to share (it’s always a personal choice), other women listen with their heart’s ear.

By telling our story, we share traditions and rites of passage, celebrate our life choices, heal past transgressions, discover our personal truths, and bequeath our heard-earned wisdom to others.

To learn more, click here: Telling Our Stories: A Writing Course for Women, Session I .

Whether you sign up for the class or not, embrace the value of recalling your past and piecing together your life story. No one else can tell your story, for only you know the details that reveal its rich texture and meaning.