Dairy Queen: Texas small town landmark

DQMy sweetie and I visit the Dairy Queen in Navasota, TX, weekly—sometimes more—to get chocolate dipped ice cream cones. Getting a soft serve ice cream cone with its signature curl is a ritual from my childhood when I walked a block from home to the Dairy Queen in Huntsville, TX. A Dairy Queen can be spotted in nearly every small town in Texas. Our Lone Star State has, after all, the largest number of DQ stores in the entire United States.

Many times Ronnie and I will stop on our way home from a restaurant, like the Wrangler Steakhouse out on Hwy 6, and get a couple of small cones for dessert instead of spending another ten bucks on peach cobbler and key lime pie. And, I must admit, we’ve had our sweet tooths get us out of bed to get dressed and drive over for a treat before the late evening news.

On occasion we’ll decide to “eat in” and enjoy a complete meal. Ronnie likes double meat cheeseburgers with onion rings rather than fries, while I’m partial to the crispy tacos or the chicken strips. If we eat inside, I’ll have a Dilly bar for dessert and Ronnie will get a mini blizzard or small sundae. What can I say? We like to mix it up.

However, the purchase of the dipped cones is a ritual we reserve for the drive-through. After we get them, we drive downtown and window shop from the car. We have the cutest boutiques, antique stores, dry goods and feed stores and the Miller movie theater located downtown. Unfortunately, I counted six empty stores last evening.

Downtown Navasota is going through a hard recession, and we can’t blame it on the downturn of the oil & gas industry. Its stores flooded during the rain storms in June, and a number of entrepreneurs couldn’t recover the loss of water-soaked inventory. Finding new entrepreneurs to has been difficult, especially when the city council still hasn’t come up with a reasonable plan to assure potential businesses that the waters won’t rise again.

Thank goodness the DQ is several blocks from downtown and built on higher ground.