Behind every story

Google makes me smile the way the company posts its logo with cultural themes. Today’s logo includes a pair of adult men’s dress shoes and a pair child’s red tennis shoes. Guess what today is?
The image reminds me of my daddy and the way I adored him. He was the best storyteller! I still remember two of them that starred me as the heroine.
In one of the stories, I dug my way to China with a spoon from the kitchen. In another, instead of having hazel eyes, I had a green eye and a red eye, which made me the town’s savior when the traffic lights went out and I was able to move traffic along with the wink of an eye–and then the other.
Silly stories to you perhaps, but when those tiny red tennis shoes fit my feet, I was stuck in the middle between two brothers, and it was rare to feel the warmth of the limelight. My daddy’s stories illustrated his faith in me. Through those stories, he let me know he believed that I would go places (China is still on my bucket list) and that I’d help my fellow travelers along the way.
My daddy was the creative one in the family. But his ideas would have flown off on butterfly wings, if not for my mother. She kept my daddy grounded, and she was his partner in building a successful career in educational media. They produced two award winning films. But more importantly, they produced three children who’ve been raised to jump at life’s chance to be everyday heroes.