Family Game Night

When I was growing up in the 1950s, Charades was a favorite game in our family.

We played in the living room. Mother was one team captain and Daddy was the other. Each captain “acted out” the book, movie, famous quotation, person place, or thing and scored points when their team correctly guessed the right answer in 2 minutes or less.

I especially loved “sounds like” clues. My brothers and I would get so excited sometimes that one of us might blurt out the song title or famous person’s name even though we were on the other side’s team. No telling what happened next. Either we’d roll off the couch laughing ourselves silly, or scream “No fair!” and try to pinch the culprit.

Years later Pictionary came on the scene. Instead of acting out, we attempted to draw a person, place, animal, action or something “difficult” (meaning the word was difficult to represent in a drawing) in a minute or less so our team could correctly guess what it was. The rules prohibited you from drawing pictures that contained any letters or numbers (such as a yellow car with “Taxi” written in the door) or using verbal clues about what you were drawing.

There were a couple of spin-offs–Fast Draw and Win, Lose or Draw. Or were they precursors?  I don’t remember.

My sweetie and I are going to visit my brother and his wife at their get-away place outside of Dallas. I heard Hasbro brought back Pictrionary a couple of years ago, and I’m going to look for the game at Walmart, take it to my brother’s ranch and see if Mark still has his artist’s touch.

If Ronnie blurts the answer out of turn, I may pinch him. But more ‘n likely, I’ll just laugh myself silly.