I woke up with a novel idea (no pun intended). I want to host a write-in. What do you think?

I’ll have it at Church Street Retrerat, which is Ronnie’s and my Victoian home, built in 1875 in Navasota, TX. It’s only a 90-minute drive from Houston.

There’s roomy spaces in rooms with high ceilings and slow moving fans, a porch looking out on a pecan and elm shaded lawn, a fenced backyard with three rowdy dogs to keep you company but not talk to you, and blocks of small town wonder for solitary meandering with the Muse as company.

Bring your writing tablet or laptop. I’ll provide coffee and tea, maybe a little fruit and cheese. We’ll write together, but in silence. We will be like children in parallel play–feeding off each other’s creative energy, but not interrupting one another’s thought process.

In silence but in community.

You see yourself as an artist but not a writer? No worries–bring your sketch book. Or your camera.

In the late afternoon we’ll come together, reflect on the experience, and decide if we should do it again.

Sound like a plan?

April is flying by, and soon it will be May, so when? Sundays are preferred but I’m open.