Stowaway Cat

It’s Spring Break and Ronnie and I have arrived in Kerrville for a glorious week in our RV.


We heard a mewling this evening and Ronnie thought it was a cat, maybe one that got up under the RV while we were out this afternoon, and he went out to investigate. Turns out there is a tiny kitten in the baggage area. How could such a small kitty get up there? Ronnie has a theory: our neighbor’s cat crawled up into the baggage area somehow and had her litter. She was probably moving her babies when Ronnie got the n the RV and drove off with the last one stranded.

We don’t know if it’s a he or she, so I’ve named it Sox. My friend Jackie Crowley had a very cool cat named Sox, and this one has four white paws similar to Jackie’s cat.

I’m highly allergic to cats, so I’m popping Antihistamines. Ronnie is staying up with Sox, keeping nag the baby comfortable and warm.

We’ve looked up how to care for orphan d kittens and we have nothing. In the morning we’re headed for the vet as soon as he opens. According to the internet we can expect a healthy bill and a carload of supplies to get Sox through the next 4 weeks or so. From Sox’s appearance: one eye open and one shut; folded back but straightening ears; and shaky steps, it’s just a day over or under 2 weeks.

So far, Sox is a furry survivor that has captured Ronnie’s heart. And okay, I’ll admit it, me too. Guess I’ll be living on Benedril.