Hitting the road, RV style

My sweetie bought us a recreational vehicle, known commonly as a RV.

She’s a Dolphin, which is a popular brand. In fact, the newest custom ones can sell for as high as six figures all tricked out, but Ronnie found an old girl that was still trustworthy with only 45,000 miles on her odometer. Built in 1997, she was a steal at $12,000, and he is proud he found her.

She’s got two captain chairs up front. One for Ronnie, the driver, and one for me, the navigator… or as Roinnie sometimes complains, the nag-igator.

She’s 36-feet long with a slideout in the living area, complete with sofa and recliner/rocker. There’s a full galley with gas stove, microwave and a man-sized refrigerator, dining table with cushioned benches. In the back, there’s a bathroom with shower-tub, and a bedroom with a luxurious queen bed. Plenty of room for two adults. Actually the specifications hint that the RV will sleep six. In addtion to using our queen bed, there could be two people sleepng on the converted dining table and two on the pullout sofa, but trust me, my man isn’t letting anyone crowd him inside his new home-on-the-road.

Ronnie has spent weeks sprucing her up. She’s sparkling clean, inside and out, and sporting new license plates so everyone knows that she belongs to a veteran. Her fluids are topped off, and she’s ready to hit the road. He has a spot reserved in Kerrville for us over Spring Break.

Although it’s still two weeks away, I’m already packing.

We figure we’ll take the Dolphin across country this summer and see some of America. We can’t decide if we’ll head up to Montana or across to Florida, but we’re leaning toward the northwest. Driving  to Florida seems more like a plan for autumn, winter even, skimming the Gulf coastline like snow birds.

If we like travelng RV-style, we plan to trade up in a year. If we discover we like the idea of RVing more than the actual experience, we figure we can probably sell the old girl for what Ronnie paid for her. Either way, it’s sure to be quite an adventure.