Bucket List

It’s the first week of 2016 and I’m filled with excitement. I have a shiny new bucket list:

  • Design, develop and deliver courses, workshops and retreats that help people make sense of their lives.
  • Practice what I preach by reflecting on my own life journey, releasing what no longer serves me and unleashing my passions at full throttle.
  • Explore the simplicity and complexity of the craft of writing to find my sweet spot – that creative, blissful place where I can let the words flow. Sometimes effortlessly, sometimes not.
  • Reacquaint my body to mindful movement by exploring the residential streets of my small town neighborhood.
  • Cook on a daily basis, creating meals that feed my soul and nourish my body.
  • Love Ronnie and Matthew with the fullness and tenderness of my heart.
  • Enjoy the company of my women friends, feeling their support and giving them  mine.
I will live 2016 with intention and not be caught up in the mindless, objectifying prejudice flooding our communities. I will take care of my place in the world by turning away from the vicous hate being spewed by toxic tongues and practicing the gentleness of human kindness.
What’s on your 2016 bucket list?