Dr. Joyce M Boatright

As I enter the third act of my life, I am especially interested in encouraging others to remember their life stories. I believe it is important that people share their victories and shortcomings, their hopes and realized dreams, their traditions and beliefs that have given their life meaning. I believe that telling and recording our stories is encoded in our DNA. We are natural storytellers. Through the recounting of our personal stories, we pass down our family history, our values, our culture.

 I have earned my living as a reporter, writer and editor—both freelance and on salary. My output has included the gamut, including statewide marketing plans, association newsletters, web copy, executive profiles, speeches, lifestyle features, print advertisements and broadcast commercials. My greatest joy, however, is helping people give voice to the stories of their lives.

The workshops and seminars I develop are designed to inspire and encourage you to recollect and reflect on your life stories, to understand the plot twists and turns, and to scrutinize the characters who have influenced your development.